photo by jake rothwell

photo by jake rothwell

Birthplace: Boone, NC

Instruments played: Banjo/Vocals

Musical / Personal influences: Scott Avett - his playing style on the banjo was something I was instantly attracted to.

Favorite Concert attended: The Avett Brothers Halloween show in Greensboro, 2007.

Favorite Time Sawyer moment:  My favorite off-stage moment would have to be the time we found ourselves out of fuel walking down the road in the middle of nowhere, South Carolina. The home we stopped and asked for assistance couldn't of housed a nicer family.  It was great. A few months after that crazy experience we got to play our savior and new friend Jason's birthday party.  

What drives you to play music: I come from a family that was brought together by music.  Naturally, it was only fitting that I started playing myself, before they stopped claiming me.


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