Headed Home Tour continues in Tennessee

The Headed Home tour continues, as we just completed a welcoming show at the Two Old Hippies in Nashville, Tn.  While the show went off without a hitch, it almost never happened.  I use the word “almost” loosely, but on our way to Nashville we had a run in with the fuzz.  We aren’t quite sure how long we were being followed, but once we noticed the blue-lights, we were certain this was one of two things.  1. It was a customary escort to the Grand Ole Opry, or B. Officer Farva was looking to punch-a-size our face.  Well, it was actually neither.  Apparently we were quickly profiled for driving the Time Machine, and the assumption was made that we were carrying numerous narcotics and having a little too much fun.  So after enduring everything but a latex glove we were released and continued on to our destination.

Before the show in Nashville, we spent some time as tourists and hit Third Man Records, Antique Archeology, and Grimey’s record store.  We mention Grimey’s because we were able to catch Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, who have a phenomenal sound and are definitely worth the listen.

The show at the Two Old Hippies was perfect, the stage was incredible and the folks there were appreciative of us Carolina lads.

After the show we loaded up and headed to Memphis, where we did a little number at Java Cabana.  Memphis was hopping, and Beale Street was Blues heaven.  We spent our evening catching some tunes and enjoying the company at Rum Boogie Café. 

Thanks to all those that came out in Nashville and Memphis and helped make our stops a success.  We are now in route back to Nashville, where we will sit down for an interview at Vanderbilt University.

TSb out.