Time Sawyer

You just wish the trip was...

Hootie Hoo ya’ll, TSb here with a follow-up on our tour.  We apologize for the delay in our update, but since our return we have spent the past few days recuperating and tying off loose ends.  The last leg of our tour was some of the best.  We spent time in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. 

The majority of our Texas leg was in San Antonio, but we also made trips to Lufkin and Dallas.  While in San Antone, we played in front of some great crowds at 502 Bar, Boneshakers, and the Sparrow.  A big shout-out must go to our good friend Wells, who brought a sensational crowd out to Boneshakers. 

During our downtime in San Antone, we ventured up and down the Riverwalk, mingling with the locals while secretly searching for any member of the San Antonio Spurs.  Sadly, we left there with no encounter with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, or the newly acquired Tracy McGrady (just purchased from China for the playoff push).    On our way to Dallas we made a stop at Standpipe Coffee House, where we enjoyed some serious java and a fantastic crowd.  Once in Dallas we came to the realization that booking a show during the day on Easter Sunday isn’t the brightest of ideas.  While the crowd was slim, those who did attend were very welcoming and spent some coin of TSb Merchandise (Get your own gear here Click for Merch Link).

After Dallas, we were headed for the home stretch as we moved toward Florida.  On our way we made a stop at the Wild Salmon, in Lafayette, LA.  There we had The Two Glens opening up for us and we quickly became Best Friends.  After Louisiana, we made our final stop in Jacksonville, FL.  This was the culmination of tour, as we played at the Riverside Arts Market where the weather was beautiful, the throngs were strong, and our new friend Tressa helped us out in the Merch tent. 

That night after our show, we returned to the hotel and had a hard time falling asleep; we all were kind of lying in the bed.  I am not sure if it was from the amplifiers or what, but we couldn’t shake the ringing in our head.  So we headed down to the hotel lobby and smoked the day’s last cigarette and caught the Final Four. 

It was during this time we all got to reflect on the tour.  We met a lot of people and got to see the good in this country.  We thank you all who supported us on this journey and continue to support us through our music. 

Thanks again to all, and remember:

Peace, Love, and Power Chords


The Tour Continues

Hello again TSb followers.  Hope all is well on your end.  It’s been a week or more since we last shared any insight on our journey, so we have a lot to convey. 

After our stops in Tennessee, we ventured further South where we spent some time in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.  Our first stop was in Athens, Georgia at the famous Terrapin Brewery.  Several Elkinites joined us for hops and tunes (I guess you could say we had a Hopping good time).  We would like to give a big Hoot-out to Christina and her friends, who provided us with shelter and warmth.  After Athens, we moseyed over to Birmingham, Alabama, where we played at the Nick.  This place had tons of character and history, and the crowd was electric.  After the Nick, we headed back to GA where we played at the Nick’s sister bar, Smith’s Olde Bar located in Hot-lanta.  Like the Nick, this place was saturated with history and eclectic vibes.  Another Hoot-out has to go to India Ramey and Abe Parker, of which we shared our time with at Smith’s Olde Bar.

After Atlanta our voyage continued down I85 and on into Auburn.  Though, we couldn’t get through the Dirty-Bird without first sitting in three hours of rush hour traffic.  Let’s face it, when you are on a tour of this magnitude, you want to experience everything a city has to offer…right?  Once we finally made it into Auburn, we must have brought the bad luck with us as our show at Fiji was canceled due to inclement weather.   Normally a cancelation is a major bummer (and in this case it t’was), but when you have awesome fans like we do, then the craziest of cray-cray can happen.  Thanks to Kathryn, Molly, and others we were able to put on impromptu house show, of which would put even Kid’n Play to shame. 

After Auburn, we had a few open dates, so we ventured into New Orleans.  Let us be the first to say, that this place lives up to the hype.  We jumped head first into the local cuisine of jambalaya, crawfish pie, filé gumbo, and then polished those off with local treats like Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, and Shark Attacks.  The presentation alone for the Shark Attacks is worth a trip to Orleans. 

After a few inappropriate encounters and events to forget, we continued on.  The Lone Star state was up next, and boy do they do their best to prevent speeding.  The amount of road construction and rush hour traffic will thwart anyone from pushing 35 mph on the odometer.  We did finally make it San Antonio, where we set up camp and we will share our Texas saga in our next installment.

Rocky Top, you'll always be

Hootie Hoo, TSb followers.  The boys are here again, and we wanted to give you a quick update on the tour.  Sadly our time in Tennessee has come to an end, as we are now venturing into the Deep South, where we will spend some time in Georgia and Alabama.  But we couldn’t say goodbye to the Volunteer State, without first doing an amazing interview at Vanderbilt with Handsome Dan.  Shortly after the interview we ventured back over to Knoxville and spent a few days having a little too much fun at the Goal Post Tavern.  All the pleasurable moments in Knoxville were capped off with a killer show at the Preservation Pub and a morning show on WDVX.  It was there we had our good pal, Bob Barone, join us on the pedal steel and he even had time the following morning to scratch some steel at the WDVX Radio Show.  Both shows were amazing.  The crowd at Preservation Pub was so appreciative and really showed us a good time.  On our way out of the Vol-State, we had to make one last stop at Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House.  It was our third trip there since being in Knoxville, and let us be the first to tell you that it is the best BBQ, this side of the Mississippi. 

We would like to thank all of those who joined us in Tennessee.  We extremely enjoyed our time there and appreciate all the Southern Hospitality.  

Headed Home Tour continues in Tennessee

The Headed Home tour continues, as we just completed a welcoming show at the Two Old Hippies in Nashville, Tn.  While the show went off without a hitch, it almost never happened.  I use the word “almost” loosely, but on our way to Nashville we had a run in with the fuzz.  We aren’t quite sure how long we were being followed, but once we noticed the blue-lights, we were certain this was one of two things.  1. It was a customary escort to the Grand Ole Opry, or B. Officer Farva was looking to punch-a-size our face.  Well, it was actually neither.  Apparently we were quickly profiled for driving the Time Machine, and the assumption was made that we were carrying numerous narcotics and having a little too much fun.  So after enduring everything but a latex glove we were released and continued on to our destination.

Before the show in Nashville, we spent some time as tourists and hit Third Man Records, Antique Archeology, and Grimey’s record store.  We mention Grimey’s because we were able to catch Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, who have a phenomenal sound and are definitely worth the listen.

The show at the Two Old Hippies was perfect, the stage was incredible and the folks there were appreciative of us Carolina lads.

After the show we loaded up and headed to Memphis, where we did a little number at Java Cabana.  Memphis was hopping, and Beale Street was Blues heaven.  We spent our evening catching some tunes and enjoying the company at Rum Boogie Café. 

Thanks to all those that came out in Nashville and Memphis and helped make our stops a success.  We are now in route back to Nashville, where we will sit down for an interview at Vanderbilt University.

TSb out.

Headed Home Tour Underway

Hello Owlets!  The TSb boys are on the road and we are excited to spread the word of our new album, Headed Home.  Our first stop, Johnson City, TN, was extremely successful.  Thanks to the folks at The Acoustic Coffeehouse, we were able to play in front of some familiar faces and some not so familiar faces.  The enthusiasm was overwhelming and for that we are much appreciative. 

The following morning we headed over to East Tennessee State University, and joined the Edge for a killer interview and jam session.  The guys there were on top of their game and said our dialogue and live tunes will be aired this Saturday (3/9).   We are extremely obliged for the hospitality and candor from Wesley, Ben, and Dane, at the Edge Studio.

Keep coming back for more updates, as the Headed Home tour is just underway and things are sure to get weird.

For those not local to ETSU, you can stream our interview here.