The Tour Continues

Hello again TSb followers.  Hope all is well on your end.  It’s been a week or more since we last shared any insight on our journey, so we have a lot to convey. 

After our stops in Tennessee, we ventured further South where we spent some time in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.  Our first stop was in Athens, Georgia at the famous Terrapin Brewery.  Several Elkinites joined us for hops and tunes (I guess you could say we had a Hopping good time).  We would like to give a big Hoot-out to Christina and her friends, who provided us with shelter and warmth.  After Athens, we moseyed over to Birmingham, Alabama, where we played at the Nick.  This place had tons of character and history, and the crowd was electric.  After the Nick, we headed back to GA where we played at the Nick’s sister bar, Smith’s Olde Bar located in Hot-lanta.  Like the Nick, this place was saturated with history and eclectic vibes.  Another Hoot-out has to go to India Ramey and Abe Parker, of which we shared our time with at Smith’s Olde Bar.

After Atlanta our voyage continued down I85 and on into Auburn.  Though, we couldn’t get through the Dirty-Bird without first sitting in three hours of rush hour traffic.  Let’s face it, when you are on a tour of this magnitude, you want to experience everything a city has to offer…right?  Once we finally made it into Auburn, we must have brought the bad luck with us as our show at Fiji was canceled due to inclement weather.   Normally a cancelation is a major bummer (and in this case it t’was), but when you have awesome fans like we do, then the craziest of cray-cray can happen.  Thanks to Kathryn, Molly, and others we were able to put on impromptu house show, of which would put even Kid’n Play to shame. 

After Auburn, we had a few open dates, so we ventured into New Orleans.  Let us be the first to say, that this place lives up to the hype.  We jumped head first into the local cuisine of jambalaya, crawfish pie, filé gumbo, and then polished those off with local treats like Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, and Shark Attacks.  The presentation alone for the Shark Attacks is worth a trip to Orleans. 

After a few inappropriate encounters and events to forget, we continued on.  The Lone Star state was up next, and boy do they do their best to prevent speeding.  The amount of road construction and rush hour traffic will thwart anyone from pushing 35 mph on the odometer.  We did finally make it San Antonio, where we set up camp and we will share our Texas saga in our next installment.