You just wish the trip was...

Hootie Hoo ya’ll, TSb here with a follow-up on our tour.  We apologize for the delay in our update, but since our return we have spent the past few days recuperating and tying off loose ends.  The last leg of our tour was some of the best.  We spent time in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. 

The majority of our Texas leg was in San Antonio, but we also made trips to Lufkin and Dallas.  While in San Antone, we played in front of some great crowds at 502 Bar, Boneshakers, and the Sparrow.  A big shout-out must go to our good friend Wells, who brought a sensational crowd out to Boneshakers. 

During our downtime in San Antone, we ventured up and down the Riverwalk, mingling with the locals while secretly searching for any member of the San Antonio Spurs.  Sadly, we left there with no encounter with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, or the newly acquired Tracy McGrady (just purchased from China for the playoff push).    On our way to Dallas we made a stop at Standpipe Coffee House, where we enjoyed some serious java and a fantastic crowd.  Once in Dallas we came to the realization that booking a show during the day on Easter Sunday isn’t the brightest of ideas.  While the crowd was slim, those who did attend were very welcoming and spent some coin of TSb Merchandise (Get your own gear here Click for Merch Link).

After Dallas, we were headed for the home stretch as we moved toward Florida.  On our way we made a stop at the Wild Salmon, in Lafayette, LA.  There we had The Two Glens opening up for us and we quickly became Best Friends.  After Louisiana, we made our final stop in Jacksonville, FL.  This was the culmination of tour, as we played at the Riverside Arts Market where the weather was beautiful, the throngs were strong, and our new friend Tressa helped us out in the Merch tent. 

That night after our show, we returned to the hotel and had a hard time falling asleep; we all were kind of lying in the bed.  I am not sure if it was from the amplifiers or what, but we couldn’t shake the ringing in our head.  So we headed down to the hotel lobby and smoked the day’s last cigarette and caught the Final Four. 

It was during this time we all got to reflect on the tour.  We met a lot of people and got to see the good in this country.  We thank you all who supported us on this journey and continue to support us through our music. 

Thanks again to all, and remember:

Peace, Love, and Power Chords